Door Color Trends

October 17th, 2022 by Jill Carroll







Time to talk door color trends and in this article, we shine a light on popular exterior door colors. Last year, we saw Black become the color of choice for homeowners when it came to painting their exterior door, and according to, Black was once again king in 2022.

After surveying experts in the home design industry as to why Black and dark colors have become so popular, here was their response: “Black was the number one most popular color for front doors last year, and it’s trending high again this year as well. Black front doors have a timeless appeal that work with many different color schemes. A black door will shine against a white home, add depth to a sage green exterior, or make a blue exterior pop. This color will also work well with many shades of gray, barn red, and even some yellows. Because of this versatility, it’s easy to fit a black door into any design.”

This design trend has been reflected in Lumbermen’s sales data for our state of the art finishing process, which has produced 1,000 more custom painted Black doors than any other color in 2022!

Other popular colors listed within the article included different shades of Blue, Gray, and Sage Green.

Dark colors have been gaining steam in home design, with designers and homeowners choosing them as a door color to help compliment the siding and exterior.

At Lumbermen’s, our Door Department Finishing Process has stayed in step with this trend, producing five staining options that offer our customers their desired look, while also enhancing the beauty of our Therma-Tru exterior doors.  Top sellers for the below colors have been Dark Maple, New Earth, and Raven.

Help your customers achieve the custom look they are seeking by leveraging our 20+ years of experience in pre-finishing.  Experience the difference of the Lumbermen’s Door Division!