Taking Door Frames To The Next Level

January 19th, 2024 by Ryan Terpstra

Recently, Lumbermen’s took a group of dealer partners on a tour of GM Wood Products, a manufacturer that specializes in high performing door frame components. The group was impressed by what they saw from GM in terms of the company’s capabilities and offerings for 2024.

GM Wood Products has a state of art facility with proven products that cover all areas of the door millwork industry. They have a precise mill process with multiple custom profiles to meet customer’s needs. Their inventory consists of many different wood species, including rot resistant Alaskan Yellow Cypress as a value-add option. GM employs a patented system that allows their machines to finger-joint the cypress block to a door jamb and offer a rot proof primed jamb.

The tour was able to observe GM’s machining equipment, which runs on a highly automated continuous circuit, creating efficiency and speed to market. High pressure cleaning and sharpening tools ensure the best profiled product, and the company offers many color matching products for jambs and mull posts.

When it comes to products that Lumbermen’s carries from GM Wood Products, here is a list of door jambs and their descriptions. If you have a question about a product, reach out to a Lumbermen’s sales rep for more information:

DuraFrame – This is a primed wood frame with Alaskan Yellow Cypress finger jointed to the bottom of the unit. Alaskan Yellow Cypress is one of the most durable and rot resistant woods in the world. This jamb has a lifetime warranty against rot, decay and insect damage.

DuraTech – This is a DuraFrame jamb that is laminated with a high-performance PVC film. It is available in white, which can be installed with no further finishing needed. The stainable frame needs to be stained to match the door.  This jamb is low maintenance, easy to paint, and will last for years. There is a 15 year finish warranty on the jamb.

DuraTech FX50 – This option is a DuraTech jamb that is available in black, clay, graphite, and bronze that can be installed as is. The jamb is wrapped in the colored PVC with a UV resistant layer applied to make it a beautiful prefinished jamb that is low maintenance. There is a 15 year finish warranty on this product.

Timbers Collection – These are solid wood jambs that are a clear stain grade product. Lumbermen’s stocks this collection in fir, pine, oak, and mahogany, but many other species are available on request. All these jambs are milled, pre-sanded, and can be finished to give the beautiful look of real wood.