Holiday Door Décor Recommendations

December 13th, 2021 by Jill Carroll

Spread some holiday cheer this season without scratching your beautiful front door!

‘Tis the season to decorate, and that means sprucing up your front door! As homeowners, we want the entryway to our home to appear merry and bright, especially when the in-laws arrive. Here are some holiday tips from Lumbermen’s Door Division to ensure that your door looks great and also remains protected.

Tip 1: When hanging a wreath, utilize Non-Scratch wreath hooks. Plastic acrylic wreath hooks are durable for hanging decorations above your front, back or storm door, yet soft enough not to scratch or damage your home. Wreaths with metal elements such as wire can scratch or gouge the paint on your front door, which is worse than a lump of coal. Hooks will stabilize your wreath and also keep it from resting against your door.

Tip 2: Consider DIY projects for your door. This can be a fun family activity, creating a custom decoration that can be updated year to year. Lumbermen’s Director of Marketing, Jill Carroll, employs this holiday strategy for her home, “I have a black door and one year we made a snowflake out of popsicle sticks and I get SO many compliments on it.” Other DIY options can include a bouquet of ribbons and felt cutouts of holiday characters.

Tip 3: Create a winter wonderland surrounding the door. Door frames are great places to hang lights or garlands, and porch decorations like small trees or snowmen can also welcome guests to your home. Your door can still be a focal point, and you minimize the risk of having decorations knocked off as your guests haul all of those presents inside!

No matter your reason for celebrating the season, our last tip is the most important, which is: HAVE FUN!